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22 September 2008 @ 10:59 pm
Color Charms and Computers  
Nicolas has helped with my frustration at still being in the same place. In a very enjoyable way too. However, that doesn't mean I am happy here. Yes, I have food, shelter, all those necessary things.

It is still boring though. Nicolas has made it difficult to get back if I decided to go out for a bit. We need to have a talk about this. Lesandra is still out there, but I could wear a wig, or use some magic to change how I look. Though, knowing that, it would be tempting to leave. I haven't seen Nina in awhile, but she is probably doing fine, back with her husband and daughter. That’s what she’s wanted since everything started years ago.

I focus on the idea of a wig and color charms. It is tempting. Very tempting. Afterall, most don’t have red hair like mine, but there are other colors that people won’t expect. If Lesandra or anyone else is looking for me, they’ll be searching for red hair. They wouldn’t look for something with brown, black or blonde hair.

Taking out my wand, I focus on remembering what I learned from school. Color charms aren't too bad. Looking in the mirror, I murmur the incantation, deciding to see how I look with dark, nearly black hair.

It doesn't work as well as I had hoped though. It is only half black and I can already tell that I look horrible with black hair.

Making a face, I decide to change it again. I don't want to do anything close to red so I attempt blonde, not certain of what to expect.

This time, with the proper flick of the wrist, all of my hair turns blonde. Not bad. Not bad at all. I turn my head one way, then another. I actually look good as a blonde. I will have to use this more often when I go out.

I sigh. If I go out. That means that I have to actually get outside of this house. I have wandered through the yard, but I know there are wards up and I don’t truly have a death wish, which, knowing Nicolas, could be what would happen to someone that gets too close to the wards.

I set my wand down, hair still blonde and go to get my deck of cards. They’re very worn out. Worn out enough that I should think about getting another deck. Of course, with how insistent Nicolas was about not teaching his kid poker, he probably would probably protest. I roll my eyes at the memory. He’s against gambling, but I can think of a half a dozen things that could be worse, like access to hard liquor.

Though that isn’t as taboo here as it is in the United States, letting children drink. However, that didn’t stop me when I lived there. I knew where to get to best drinks and how to get them. All it takes is a little bit of work, charm and the right amount of money.

I shuffle the worn out cards a few times then sigh. I need a game or something. I don’t see how people can stand living like this. It’s stifling.

I pick up my wand and change my hair back to its normal color. I don’t mind the blonde, but I do prefer how it normally looks.

Putting the cards away, I turn on my laptop. I know I won’t be hearing from Lesandra, but there are better things to do there. I also haven’t been keeping up on some of my normal activities, which is never good. It’s not good to be rusty.

I was using cameras before, so there is no reason I can’t do it again. It will just take some hacking and I’m up for the challenge. I think of where I want to focus and think about cameras in casinos. Those are always good. First I need to pick one. I look through the Internet then decide on the Hard Rock Casino. I smirk. Perfect. Now, time to get to work.
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