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23 April 2008 @ 10:49 pm
Cards and Cons  
I glance at the faces of the men at the table with me. They are not easy to read like the men at the pubs were. It was too easy to tell if they were lying or not. These men aren't as easy to read. At least they aren't wearing sunglasses though. I brought mine with me, but I like being able to see their eyes. Almost always, their eyes will, at some point, give away a hint of what they are thinking. It is just picking up on the cue.

Also, it helps if you play a few hands. You can see if people do certain things. The man across from me might not notice it, but when he is faking, he touches the ring he is wearing.

These little things are important, which is why, once again, I win. I smirk as I take the chips. Nina got out quite a bit from her account, which is good since I nearly used all of it on what truly was a gamble. It is paying off though. I can win more in one hand here then I could in two weeks or even a month at these small pubs where I usually go.

"It appears lady luck is with the lady," one of them remarks in an accent that catches me off guard. American. Most of the Americans I meet stand out like sore thumbs, being tourists. I can fake a decent British accent for a short time, but not enough to get by as being British.

"Fitting, don't you think?" I counter as I glance over at the man. He's a few years older than me. His fake involves his fingertip tapping his cards.

He grins at this. "Another hand?" he asks.

I glance at my winnings. I've done well today and while I would like to win more, I am not a fool. No matter how good you are, there is always blind dumb luck. I am not about to lose. It is better to go when you're on top. "I'm done," I answer, pushing back from the table as I collect my chips, putting them in my bag. Some of the men groan, probably wanting to win back some of their money.

I start to walk away I hear the American call out. "Wait." He gets up from the table after collecting his chips as well. "How about a drink? Then maybe after we could get to know each other..." he trails off as he walks over to me.

I give him a look. Either this man has no experience with women, thinks he is creation's gift to women or he's a con artist. The first, I can easily get rid of. The second is a bit more difficult, but possible. The third, that would be tricky.

"I don't think so," I answer.

"You know you want to," he answers, now merely an inch apart. There goes the first possibility.

"No, I don't," I respond.

"It will be an experience you won't forget," he promises and I feel his hand touch my back. I fight the urge to do what I would like. Getting thrown out of the casino would be a very bad idea.

Then I notice his hand is slowly moving around me. To where my bag is slung over my shoulder. Alright, so he is choice three. I turn, grab his arm and twist it. He grunts in pain and I lean closer to him.

"No to the drinks, no to the sex and if you ever try to steal from me again, I'll break your arm," I growl. He looks a bit scared and I let him go. He quickly backs up a few steps and I smirk and head to the center to cash in the chips.

Perhaps that will teach him a lesson. That might have been a card game, but never attempt to con a con artist.
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