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06 April 2008 @ 10:52 am
Not Saint , Nor Sinner  
I glance up from my laptop when I hear the sound of bells outside. Glancing out the window, I see people making their way into the nearby church, many dressed in their best clothing. So different from the wedding chapels I grew up near.

However, churches were one place I never stole from. I know some that did, but that was one thing I never did. First of all, you can only steal from the collection plate without it being too noticeable, and that is never a lot. Also, while I don't know what my beliefs really are, I think stealing from a church is considered bad no matter what religion a person is. It has to be a sin of some sort.

I sigh and glance back at my laptop. No message from Lesandra, but the day is still young. I just hope she won't appear here. Though, I don't know how much longer Nina and I will stay in Austria. We've gone from city to city, but it all is looking the same. At least it is getting a bit warmer.

Nina's taking a shower so I use this time to change the records on our rooms. It means less to pay later and since I haven't had a game in a week, our funds are running low.

I glance back at the church. I haven't been in one in years. I went once or twice to see what it was all about, but I didn't like it. Others can go if they'd like, but I am fine where I am.

Yet, I still refuse to steal from them. Some assume that thieves and pickpockets steal from anyone and everyone. That isn't true. Each individual and team have their own rules and code to follow. I don't take from churches or those worse off than me. There have been times when there were very few worse than me. I usually take from those who can afford to lose a bit.

There are other rules to follow. Groups are especially difficult. They have boundaries and in fact, there is a thin line between gangs and groups of thieves. Luckily, being an individual who never stays long, there have been few problems.

Logging out of the hotel computer system, I shut down my laptop and close it. Glancing back outside, I realize the service must have started since no one is outside.

A lot of places might be closed, but perhaps I can find a place to play a hand or two on a Sunday.

I might not steal from churches, but that doesn't make me a saint.
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