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27 August 2008 @ 07:05 pm
Teaching Jacinta  
"What are you doing?"

Jacinta. Nicolas' daughter, who I am still not fully certain about. Of course, having amazing sex with her father does make me more apt to attempt to get along with her. Just a little bit. I shuffle the deck of worn cards once more before answering. "Wishing for a poker game."

She frowns and sits down across from me. "What's poker?"

She doesn't know? "It's a card game. Do you know any card games?" I am going to guess she will say something like Go Fish or Old Maid or something like that.

She wrinkles her nose. "No."

"Pity," I comment. "Never know when it might come in handy." It true. There is just no need to tell her when those times might be.

"How would a card game come in handy?"

"Amusement for some...and maybe some monetary gain," I smirk.

"How do you play it?" She sits down across from me, looking interested.

"You want to learn to play poker?" I ask. She's smart, but this didn't seem like her type of game.

She shrugs. "Why not? My lessons are done for the day, Daddy isn't here and I'm bored."

I pause. Her father will not be pleased about what I am going to teach her, but what harm can it do? She's a tough kid, but she's still just a kid.

"Okay, well, there are four suits to a deck." I go through the cards and lay out one of each, though they're not the same value. "Hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades," I point them out.

She nods, eyes landing on each one. "Red is hearts and diamonds," she murmurs, more to herself. "Black, clubs and spades."

"For each, there's a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, king and ace," I answer. The best way to start is with the basics.
Current Location: Nicolas' home
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Nicolas Poliakoff: come again?bah_nicolas on August 27th, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC)
I open the door, and come inside, my leg aching from the physical therapy that I just went through. More like physical torture... i don't see how it's supposed to help my leg.

I walk through the foyer, trying not to put too much pressure on my leg and come into the living room to see Jacinta and Lux... doing something.

Well at least Jacinta is staring at her with dislike.

"What's this?" I ask gently, trying not to startle either one.

"We're playing a game," Lux answers, not looking at me.

I sink down into a chair, and all the pressure, even the slightest is gone out of my leg and I sigh, feeling grateful and about to relax. "Well that's better than ignoring each other. What game?"

"Just some cards," Lux replies.

"Poker," Jacinta finally speaks up, looking up at me. "Hi Daddy. How's your leg?"

"Aching," I admit. Then frown. "Poker?"

Lux nods. "She asked me to show her."

I stare at her. "Your teaching my daughter poker?"

"It's just a bit of fun with cards."

I clench my jaw. "You're teaching her a card game that requires gambling."


"Not now Jacinta."

"You never said we couldn't."

I scowl. "What? I have to make it clear to you about something so obvious as that it's not right to teach a nine year old how to gamble?"

"I learned when I was much younger than her," she comments.

"I don't care." I look at Jacinta. "Bedroom."

She scowls back at me. "Daddy.."

"Now. Don't question."

Lux just looks between us before going back to casually collecting the cards. Jacinta looks like she might argue again but I just narrow my eyes and she gives in.

"Yes Daddy," she sighs.

As she starts to walk past me, I grasp her elbow and bring her closer, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Love you baby."

She grins. "Love you too Daddy."

I let her go and watch her walk off. I turn back to Lux.

"Mind not teaching my daughter how to gamble?"
Lux Lisbon: smirkbah_lux on August 27th, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
I roll my eyes. "You act like I doubt her to kill, not play a card game. And I didn't teach her to count cards."

"That would be even worse. Lux, she's nine years old. Just because you learned to at a younger age, doesn't mean I want her to. Understand?"

I sigh and roll my eyes. "Yes," I answer. He acts like it is the end of the world if she knows to play a simple card game.

"Don't roll your eyes... I am at least trying to be the father she needs, and I have enough trouble with her as is. You teaching her your talents will make it even worse."

"It's just poker," I answer.

"I don't care if it's just poker," he growls. "And damn it, this is not helping my leg feel better."

"Calm down," I tell him, getting to my feet.

He snorts. "Lesandra struck again."

I freeze. "What?" I frown.

"Nina messaged me. She struck at Fawcett in Knockturn Alley. Didn't get a chance to do much damage though before Aurors showed up."

I thought maybe it would be over. But it isn't. It never will be. "Did she say anything?" What I said was mostly the truth, but not the whole truth.

He shrugs. "Nina didn't tell me anything else but that. And considering that whenever her husband and I are in the same room, we're usually close to coming to blow sometimes, and Fawcett and I don't get along, I didn't bother to find out anymore."

I just nod. If Lesandra had said anything, Nina would have told him.

"No problems with Jacinta while I was with the she devil of a physical therapist?"

"Nope, except for that wild party she was having," I counter.

"That's not funny," he says sternly, but a smile threatens to appear.

I smirk. "I told her the booze could stay but the male strippers had to leave before you got home."

"Are you deliberately trying to unsettle me, Una Fiery?"

"That depends, is it working?"

"It's not nice to tease a man about possible scenarios involving his daughter," he says softly, and a gleam appears in his eyes.

"And what are you going to do if I do?" I counter, smirking.

"If you come a bit closer, I can show you."

I take a step closer, giving him a look. "I'm closer."

He snorts. "Have pity on me. My leg is hurting."

I roll my eyes and walk closer, now less an arms length away, one hand on my hip. He sighs, reaches out and grabs me, making me tumble down onto to him. Before I can get my balance, he kisses me. I make a move to protest and roll off of him, but Merlin, he is a good kisser and I start to kiss him back.